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Anderson Consulting built to help you grow!

Tom Anderson

ACS Owner and Chief Operating Officer

My goal at ACS and the staff is leading the integration of your team’s program management phases.  Utilizing scripted evaluation, design, configure and implementation of proven business processes (BPM) and workflows. 

These actions include land development, acquisition, due diligence, permitting and preconstruction.  Followed by thorough plan/design integration, into a robust and digital bid/quote/award management component.

In particular, the Real Estate, Land Development, Government Contracting, and the Trade industries.  Often avoid or remove BPM and Project Management practices due to inadequate experience, expense, or bandwidth

When experienced BPM practices are not applied many organizations routinely endure administrative, legal, scheduling, quality and ultimately margin challenges and constraints.

ACS is the solution you’ve been seeking.  Whether its systems, processes, workflow development or hands on project management.   With the support of the ACS staff, we will improve your product and services resulting with increased margins. 

Performing 23 years in the US Armed Forces as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer and an additional decade serving as Sr Management in corporate America.  My understanding and skillsets provide a focus, specializing in detailed logistics and operations.  ACS’s management and skillsets will provide the service your organization requires.

Please contact myself directly or any of the talented ACS staff as we eagerly look forward to speaking to you individually or as a team to establish your organizations Business & Project Management solutions.

Janet Palermo

Operations/Support Manager

Over the course of my 30 plus year career, I’ve worked for companies such as Turner Construction, Cortland Construction, and Sargent. In November of 2023, I took on the Operations Manager role at Anderson Consulting, LLC to help improve construction processes, procedures, and software implementation. 

Since joining Anderson Consulting, LLC, the most rewarding part has been developing the company structure, followed closely by implementing best practices. Both of which steer us for optimal growth.

Chris Myrick


A meticulous tech enthusiast with a passion for keeping things running smoothly. I thrive on optimizing processes, implementing cutting-edge software, and ensuring compliance with utmost precision. When it comes to juggling multiple tasks and generating insightful reports, I’m the go-to person. Let’s revolutionize the way we work together! #TechSavvy #MultiTasking

Jim Palermo

Senior Project Manager

An accomplished project manager, experienced in Lean/Six Sigma and TOC management.  Highly skilled at evaluating data and formulating a plan of action to aid continuous improvement efforts. 

A critical member of teams that designed, built and implemented small to large scale facilities and global systems in multiple industries.  These include automation machinery and manufacturing plants in the food industry, globally distributed manufacturing facilities in the medical device industry, automotive manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical production, and residential and multi-family construction.

Has also led teams in support of Technology acquisition, configuration, and integration of multiple solutions.  These have been Point of Sale, Warehouse Management, Logistics & Distribution, MRP, and ERP systems.

Jason Navantieri

Project Manager

As a project manager of the Anderson Consulting team, Jason brings over 25 years of construction experience.  He is a detail-oriented worker, whose main goal is to ensure that our clients receive the highest-quality services that meet and exceed their expectations. 

Our clients appreciate Jason’s hands-on management style because he is approachable and completes projects on time. His portfolio encompasses high-end custom-built communities, single-family and multi-family homes, as well as commercial, government-funded and international projects.  During his downtime, Jason enjoys biking and boating with his family.  A boat ride to Honeymoon Beach with his wife, son, and dog is a fun-filled Florida day!